"Applying to college is intimidating, but Sophia is not. She's straightforward and clear -- and with the help of her insider's perspective, I got into my top choice -- with a $10,000 scholarship."



The Emergency

One student came to me after spending two years and tens of thousands of dollars at one of those admissions prep mills. He was an average student who had messed up his early years of high school badly and didn't focus until late in the game. The prep mill had given him a completely wrong major and a very stagnant essay. The student's family hired me with barely 2 months left in the application season, and with half the schools already applied to through that company. I helped him with the second half of schools, revamped his entire admissions image, changed his majors and all his essays and sent him on a different future career track more aligned with his interests and natural strengths. When his acceptance letters came, he didn't get into a single school his previous counselor advised him on, and he got into 100% of the schools I helped him with and had his pick. 

The Spotty Transcript

Another family had a list of colleges their high school guidance counselor suggested but were not a fit, nor did the student have a good chance at them due to his inconsistent transcript (he had everything from A's to C's - even a D). I revamped his target schools and suggested places he hadn't considered, including Pepperdine. We worked on countless drafts of essays and threw away anything that didn't work. He is now in a dorm room overlooking the ocean - on a full scholarship.

The 11th Hour 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a dream student came to me - great GPA and test scores...

...3 weeks before deadline. Not only that, but there were 2 legacy students at his high school already who had even better grades. It didn't matter how great his resume was - the odds were against him.

3 weeks later his application was in. 1 month later he was accepted Early Action and was done with applications for the rest of the year. He's at Harvard now.

(P.S. I don't recommend this method. Procrastinate at your own risk.)